Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Rinat and I am a problem solver. I am successful in providing the best practical solutions to Frontend development problems

About me


Everything I do should have some value and be meaningful. I solve real problems to help a business grow. I believe in a team and I believe in a relationship. The best team is a team where everyone is friends and understands each other.

Commercial projects experience

🎓 Ubai.co


The University of Blockchain and Investing is a commercial educational platform where users can learn about a blockchain, investment and ICO.

The biggest challenge was to create not just a platform, but an ecosystem. And we successfully built it. Now the ecosystem continues to grow and make a profit for the company.
My role: Frontend Developer
Main tech stack: React, Mobx, Less, Meteor

🖥️ Code.ubai.co


Code.ubai is a Solidity language course for programmers. It includes a steady learning curve with a built-in compiler and the fancy tamagotchi character "Meow"

This is a great experience of how MVP should look like and how to develop a product that people would like to buy.
My role: Frontend Developer
Main tech stack: React, Redux, Scss

📄 Landing pages 15++


The best solution for successful product distribution is to create a great landing page with straightforward content and beautiful design.

In order to be a professional in Frontend development, the most important thing is to create a solid amount of pages. I did it and learned how to create attractive websites in a short time.
My role: Full Stack, Project Manager
Main tech stack: Html, less, js, nodejs

My own projects

🛍️ Used Items Board

This project is in development stage. There will be such features as adding items, sell items, place orders and many more.

It does not develop in a hurry. I create a scalable, easy-to-maintain and secure platform. Microservices and Layers architecture are best friends of the project.
My role: Creator
Backend: Nodejs, mongoose
Frontend: Not started yet

🎞️ Alikemovie


Alikemovie is a movie recommendation system based on similarity between movies.

It was developed for a learning purpose and to have some fun. Later I realized that it could be an MVP product to feel a ground and then build something great. So, that's how I started my journey to social media and free traffic.
My role: Creator
Main tech stack: React

🏗️ Level Creator


Simple game levels creator. Target users are developers who wants to create levels in a 2D game in the simplest way. No need to download. Just open and draw.

I so much enjoyed when I was creating this project. The main idea to build it is coming from an other idea of creating a simple 2D game.
My role: Creator
Main tech stack: React, Redux

🔓 Open source code

There is projects with open source code. Do not hesitate to check out my solutions, code style and maintaining.